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Thermal Imaging & Drones

We can offer Thermal Imaging as part of our service.
Our drone can be fitted with a thermal imaging camera, with a resolution of 640x512, that can capture images in JPEG format and video in MP4 format.
We have found that the Thermal Camera has a variety of uses including Asset Inspection for building, solar and electrical structures, Animal Management, and Irrigation Management.
Thermal Imaging identifying irrigation leaks
The images on this page include:
  • The image above is a vineyard. The dark areas on this image are wet areas in the vineyard. On closer inspection of the dark areas were pipes chewed by foxes, broken pipes and open valves.
  • Image to below is an animal inspection following a storm.
  • Image at the bottom is an inspection of a solar panel on a 2 story building.
Cattle identification using Thermal Imaging
Solar Panel