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Drone Aerial Imaging & Video

Our drone uses high-resolution cameras to capture breathtaking aerial photographs of your assets and property. We work with you to capture the photographs to fit your requirements.
We can capture images using a wide angle 12MP camera, zoom camera with 20MP resolution, or a high-resolution image using a 45MP Full Frame camera. Having a variety of cameras available enables us to pick the best option when imaging your project.
Images are captured and supplied in RAW (45 MP Camera only) or JPEG format.
Panoramic Photo of Vineyard in King Valley
These cameras are connected to the drone with a gimbal which enables stabilisation for high resolution video capture.
Video can be captured in 1080P at 30fps or 4K at 60fps. Video is supplied in MP4 or MOV format. We can assist with post processing of video using Adobe Premier Pro for social media.
The following video was captured from a drone in 1080P at 30fps. Post processing was completed with some video used from mobile phones and GoPro's.