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Drone Property Inspections and Mapping

We offer a detailed Site Mapping Service.
The service includes completing a site imaging survey. This includes imaging the site to a ground sampling distance of less than 1cm per pixel. Site Imaging is completed using RTK positioning which enables a mapping accuracy of approx. 3cm or less for each axis.
The drone we use has a terrain following feature, hence we can maintain the resolution for undulating terrain.
Once the survey has been completed, images are stitched together to form an Orthomosaic image or map of the site.  Once the orthomosaic map has been generated. This map provides a detail image of the site. This map can be supplied in several formats including KML which enables viewing in Google Earth Pro.
Depending on your requirements, the Orthomosaic Map can also be used to create:
  • Digital Surface Models
  • Orthomosaic Map with  Contour overlay (image top)
  • Digital Elevation Models (image centre)
  • Farm Map by Identifying Key Features (roads, trellis, fences, buildings, and POI's) prepared using GIS software (image below)
All detail can be supplied RAW or processed to suit users requirements. All the detail can be supplied in KML or GeoTIFF format for use in Google Earth or other mapping software.
Orthomosaic Map of Property with Contour Lines
Digital Surface Map
Farm Plan created using GIS software