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Asset Inspection using Drones

One of the greatest advantages of drones is building asset and structural inspections. This service provides little to no disruption to business operations, is safer by minimising the need for people working at heights, cost-effective - for example not requiring scaffolding or heavy equipment and delivers timely outcome for our customers.
Due to the precision of our drones, we can operate up close to building assets and/or utilise a high powered zoom camera or thermal camera, gaining a better view without compromising safety or property.
Solar Panel Inspection
Our camera can conduct highly detailed asset inspections and record the inspection for future use or comparison. Inspections can be completed from the roadside if required, and access difficult reach places and quickly.
Our services include the use of a drone with a 20 megapixel zoom camera with a thermal imaging sensor. The camera has laser range finding which can capture the item coordinates and elevation above sea level. All detail captured is digital and can be shared quickly with key people in your business.
Thermal and Visual Inspection of Power Pole