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Processing Your Drone Images and Data

Using a drone with a camera can generate a lot of data (images and video). The hardest or most complicated part of owning drone is converting the data into something that is useful and meaningful.
Finding the correct software to process the data can be complicated, requires training, can be time consuming and very expensive (software subscription cost).

Data captured from Drone Survey
As part of our service, we can offer processing of images and video captured using the following software:
  • Images: Adobe Photoshop
  • Video: Adobe Premier Pro
  • Orthomosaic and Mapping: Pix4D Mapping or Pix4D Fields is our preferred mapping software. However, we can supply offer processing of data using DJI Terra or DroneDeploy upon request.
  •  GIS Software: QGIS
If you own a drone, fly your own missions but need help with processing the data captured, please get in touch to talk about how we can help process your own data.
If you have a specific requirement regarding data processing, for example, for plant counting, plant stress monitoring, weed detection, canopy and vegetation analysis, etc., please talk to us about your requirement. We have access to companies that have developed precision agriculture software to complete some very clever analytics.